"Ships on the ocean, ships on the sea, but the best ship is the friendship between you and me." - author unknown

"Other things may change us, but we start and end with family."

- Anthony Brandt






Here, we will keep a photo album of our friends and family. I hope you will send us updates often. Just look at y'all!

My mother, Ellen Jo




George and Janet







Frank, Barbara, Taylor and Chase




Lilou, Erika, Olivier, Juliette




Stuart, Alison, Sally, Eric




Anna, Stevie, Serge






The Steelmans. Snooks, Jenny, Jason, Christopher, Jonathan, Matthew, Mark, Sarah, Jake, Erik, Emily



Vann, Susan, Sharon, Dan



Danny and Joanna



Vann, Lindsey, Sally, Susan, Allen



Missi, Briana, Mitchell, Christopher, Rocky



Justin and Leigh



Carol, Marisa, Marty




Evelyn, Lewis, Jonathan



Christine and Ron



Erica, Rusty, Lucy


My sister, Karen, and family

Front row: Brantley, Chandler, ___

Middle row: George Sr., Karen, Amy the bride, __, Robin

Back row: Janet, Bernard the groom, George Jr., Father Gregory


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