"Ships on the ocean, ships on the sea, but the best ship is the friendship between you and me." - author unknown

"Other things may change us, but we start and end with family."

- Anthony Brandt






Page Two.

My Aunt (father's sister) Annie, her husband Uncle Willard and their daughters (my cousins) Peggy Jo (back), Beth and Nell




Peggy Jo's son David and bride, Marsha



Peggy Jo and husband, Jack




5 generations. Annie, Peggy Jo, daughter Sandy, son Dustin and baby daughter Jadein




5 generations again! Annie and Willard, Peggy Jo, daughter Kelly, daughter Crystal, baby daughter Cloe'




Danny, Ethan, Joanna




My uncle (mother's brother) Bud




Vicki, Chuck, Ryan and Summer


Vicki's daughter Missi, Rocky, baby Miles, Brianna, Mitchell and Christoper



Jan, Bill and the butt of Goliath










































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