This is the house I want! A B&B where we stayed near Tarascon.




We went for a walk to the cherry orchard and Erik left his coat in the car. I think mine's a little too big for him still.




They prune the trees into a 'V'





A twin moment. Jason was snowboarding with friends this week. We're hoping the family he went with will send us some photos soon.



This property is HUGE. I love it. This is a shot walking back from the pool.





The owner's dog, Raja, was so friendly.




Man, that hour-long drive just about wore me out <g> It's hard for you to look too macho in this bed Jonathan!





We were all in the same room ... there were twin beds on the mezzanine.




Back home for a short stay. The kids had just about every one of their stuffed animals watching TV with them. It was only then that I noticed how dirty they were so ...


In the washer they went ...




The kids thought this was really funny <g>




On the road again for a .......................picnic, right! We drove down to Bormes les Mimosa near the coast, hoping to see the mimosa trees still in bloom but they had passed their peak. I've never seen yellow mimosas before moving here. Here is the entrance to a câve. Just to the left are the grape vines, just beyond that, the Mediterranean. I'll take it.



Here's a Mimosa still in bloom.




Flowers for me AGAIN!




Near Bormes




The kids made a nature collection after the picnic. Erik brought me these little heart-shaped leaves.






They became statues ...




They dangled in the trees ...




We had a picnic ... at an actual picnic table this time!




On the way home, we had to stop to let these sheep cross the road. You can't see the shepherd but he's back there with the sheepdog.



It doesn't get much better than skipping with Daddy...


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