A mimosa in full bloom near Uzés





Mary in a parking lot





A picnic under the chestnut treets In the village Uzés. It's from here the Pont du Gard used to carry 4.4 million gallons of spring water per day to Nîmes. This is truffle country and every year, the village of Uzés comes together to make a HUGE truffle omelet ... I seems like I remember that they use 10,000 eggs!





Does this tower look familiar? It was built in the 12th century after an Italian example. It has a cousin in Pisa ... this being the only one of it's kind in France. Jonathan guessed that before we read about it. None of the 6 storys are the same. It really isn't leaning ... that's my poor picture-taking!




The original roman cathedral was destroyed during the religious wars and this one was built in the mid-1600's.








This plaque says "Jean Racine - at the age of 22 years, he came to the village of Uzés 1661-1662 and we had nights more beautiful than your days."

I keep meaning to look up info on this Jean Racine and see what makes him so special!





A church in the distance




The kids looking at the view.






Here's what it looks like.






A pretty chapel inside the church.




Uzés was the seat of a bishopry before the religious wars. This is the tomb of Pope Clement V ... first Pope of Avignon.




A beautiful 18th century organ in the church. The doors can close over the pipes.




On the way back, we passed this little chapel all alone in a field. I'll have to get Jonathan to remind me of the history.

I don't believe I'm finally caught up with posting! Of course, if I stayed caught up, it would mean I wasn't going on any more picnics so I'm not complaining! Thanks for looking ... see you soon!