March 19, 2004

First of all, Happy 11th Birthday on the 14th to Emily! She got a (living, breathing, pellet-producing) rabbit for her birthday and is nothing less than thrilled with that. She called all her friends from school right away and squealed to each one, "Tu ne va jamais le croire...! (you are never going to believe it...!)

I still can't. We've said 'no' to pets since we've been here ... one reason, because we don't want to have to find someone to pet sit when we get ready to go somewhere (often) and two, I don't want something else to feed and clean up after unless it can also do laundry and KP. No nevermind, I don't really want anything else to clean up after. Period.

I know the kids miss having a pet and they are always treating the stuffed animals like real ones. Well, Jason doesn't so much anymore <thankfully> And, you all have suffered through that begging and pleading and crying for a pet. Or maybe your husbands aren't like Jonathan.

Anyway, we caved in and decided rabbits take less care than a lot of other animals, plus our tutor/friend Christine has several rabbits and has offered before to look after one for us if we went berserk and decided to get one.

Emily told us, "I never thought you guys would do anything like this!" In retrospect, maybe we shouldn't have?? Were we winning after all?? So, the furball's name is Fairy.



Happy Birthday Daisy!



Otherwise, this is mostly a baby page! Such a happy topic. We've received a bunch of new baby photos lately. A few are from our friends in Geneva, Switzerland ... David, Ursi and Jordan. You might remember that David and I met on a travel forum 8 years ago (he and Ursi travel a LOT!) and we have kept in touch ever since. Jonathan had hoped to meet David and Ursi on one of his trips to Basel where they lived a few years ago but soon after he started flying there, they moved to Geneva. We all share a love of travel and even though we have never officially met (pas encore), we have shared a lot of life experiences through email, photos and some through snail mail ... including David's marriage to Ursi and now the birth of their first little son. We wish you all the best David, Ursi and Jordan. J'éspere que vous allez bien maintenant.

Take a look at these babes!




Baby Jordan Nicholas
wt. 1.780 kilos (about 3.9 lbs?)
born March 8, 2004 @10:55pm





Ursi, David promises we'll see your face in the next photo! Jordan was born 7 weeks premature by C-Section and mom and baby were placed in different sections of the hospital, so it was hard to get them in a photo all together just yet. They are both doing very well and Jordan is a very alert little preemie.



David you look like a doctor here ... oh wait, you ARE! But not that kind. David, Ph.D., is a Biostatistician at Serono Pharmaceuticals in Geneva, Switzerland.



My cousin Sandy's daughter Lana and granddaughter Jadein ... no Lana is NOT the mom! Gee y'all. She is 14 and a basketball star, right Lana? :-)




My Aunt Annie and Uncle Willard with great-granddaugthers Jadein and Cloe'. Cute, aren't they? And the kids aren't bad looking either ... bada bing!

Was it you who taught me how to find humor in everyday life, Uncle Willard? Maybe so. I always laughed when I was with you, in spite of my introspective, somber, adolescent self. I still tell my family today how you managed to convince me (a mere child, ok :-) that you were Vice President of the Railroad you worked for, and how you could always make a funny joke ... even about the biscuits at the dinner table.

Thank you for the gift of laughter in my life.

I love you.




My cousin Sandy "trying not to look fat", she says lol! Guess what Sandy? You DON'T! Sandy has managed her own daycare from her home for the past 16 years and she just took a job working in a center with special-needs kids. I know you'll be blessed Sandy and the kids will too... chapeau!





And of course here's our petit fils Ethan! He's wearing an outfit we sent him ... still a little big ay?





Ethan and Uncle Justin. We miss you Justin.




Ethan and Nana, Danny's mom.
Joanna and Danny have been lucky and blessed to have Charlotte there to help out with Ethan from day one. She has helped tremendously ... going over to their house every day at first, to at least every other day now and I'm sure she has made things so much easier for Joanna and Danny. She is a love.





Ethan and Pop-Pop (Joe), Danny's dad. I look forward to meeting you Joe.





Ethan and Bibi (Vicki, my sister). What a personality now!





Ethan and Granny Jo. How many family babies have you held in your arms Mother?




Ethan and Daddy. Such a cute photo.



Ethan at his first hockey game.



In one of his "frenchie" outfits from Mamie and Papi



Ethan looks like Joanna's baby pictures here to me! Another frenchie shirt on ...



Ethan and his blanket buddy.


Joanna just told me that Ethan will have surgery for an inguinal hernia next week. I ask once again for all your faithful prayers for my little petit. Thank you so much for all the prayers you've sent up so far for Ethan. God is good and has cared for him and blessed all of us.

Follow his progress, get more info on his diagnoses and see some other really cute photos on Ethan's page!

More soon!








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