D-Day Beaches





I want the kids to know what has been sacrificed for them.
Daddy's Company landed at Utah Beach July 26, 1944.





This says 'Path of Liberty 1944. Here debarked the American Armies.'





Utah Beach





Utah Beach





The oyster tractors





I hope they'll teach their children.





M4 (Sherman) tank, the kind operated by Daddy's company.





A landing craft that carried troops






A picture of a landing craft (LST) like Daddy would have arrived on





These giant "jacks", tank defenses, were placed on the beaches by the Germans to try to prevent the allies from landing.





Omaha Beach, sight of the bloodiest D-day battle




Omaha Beach




The remains of the artificial harbor built at Arromanches. If you've never read what wonders the engineers worked to make D-day happen, I hope you'll make a point to read about it. I think the British engineers were responsible for these at Arromanches.












A German gun emplacement near the shores at Arromanches. You can see damage from allied fire. This one was still in pretty good shape compared to some of the others.





'The gratitude remains.'
While we were warmly received in Normandy and a couple of people even thanked us, I'm afraid current politics are changing the climate somewhat. Or maybe I should say the media is changing the climate. I'm not going to go there.


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