June 16, 2004


Bonjour again everyone! Here are the rest of the photos from the Normandy trip plus a few miscellaneous. No real news from chez nous ... Christine and Kylie were just here for a visit and now we're looking forward to seeing Susan and Vann next week. Christine is going to upload her photos to the web and I'll post a link here when I get it.

Jason takes a big test tomorrow to pass on to Lycèe (high school) but we are confident he will do fine. He has already taken the practice test and did better than he expected. He has had a very successful school year and will graduate with all A's and B's! We don't think he'll have any problem getting onto the scientific track that he wants. Erik finished up CE2 (3rd grade) with all A's and number 6 in his class for the 3rd trimester! Emily doesn't have her report card yet but she says she thinks she has the highest grade in her class in French and Math! Way to go kids! They've worked really hard and it has paid off.

Tell me what you're up to for the summer! Get your e-pencils ready for the next questionnaire!


Let's start with some sign humor. Isn't this hilarious! Snooks was here when we saw these on a bathroom near Moustiers. The "underwear" are stickers someone put on the sign.







The cherry trees in bloom near us ... the promise of things to come.








Mother and her azalea in full bloom!







On the way to Normandy, we stopped in the Loire Valley for the night. We took advantage of the chance to see 3 of the most famous châteaux in France. Here are the kids at Chambord, "hunting lodge" to several kings who all tried to outdo each other in architectural detail. This château is the largest of the Loire valley with no less than 440 rooms and 365 open fireplaces. Most of the furniture was looted during the Revolution.







Erik at Cheverny. This is the only one we toured since we didn't have time to see them all. It turned out to be a great choice. Cheverny is furnished with all the original furnishings and has belonged to the same family (Herault) for 600 years! Want to see the inside? Just click your browser's 'Back' arrow to return here.

Click here: Plan du Château de Cheverny







Chenonceau. The Château of the Six Women. Six women including Catherine de Medici had a hand in building this château.






Dating from 709, Mont St. Michel, a former Benedictine monastery and now one of the 7 man-made wonders of the world. It is an island when the tide is out, and when the tide is in, Mont St. Michel rises out of the water. The tide comes in at around 12 mph and in the course of one hour, the quicksand around the Mont disappears.
According to legend, the archangel Michael apperared 3 times to the Bishop of Avranches in 709 and commanded him to build and oratory on the Mont in his honor. The present-day abbey was constructed in 1000.
Here are some black and white Normandy cows from the 21st century.






and some Normandy sheep ...







Mont St. Michel with the abbey church at the top.







This whole area is covered by water when the tide is in.







The tide just begginning to arrive ...







a few minutes later...







and finally.







We were not alone :-)







The kids laughing it up at breakfast.







Mass in the abbey church.







We went canoeing on the Gard river one day and stopped for ice cream before leaving. Guess what kind of ice cream Erik ate? (I still get lots of flowers :-)






The kids in their canoe. They did a great job!






Erik participated in a fencing course through the school during the spring break.







L'escrimeur. The fencer.




I thought this photo was cute. The flowers, the baskets, the little girl eating ice cream. The dog in the back looks like he's smiling. The dog in front must be a teenager <haha>.





I'll leave you with a sign funny. These are the showers at the beach in Cassis. The red sign says 'Soap Prohibited'. I vote for 'Savon Obligatoire' <haha>






Write me! Enjoy your 4th of July holiday! Eat some BBQ for me! God Bless America!













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