July 5, 2004

My mother came to visit in May and we all had a great time. The children were thrilled to have her here and to share time together. We did our usual picnicing and went to the Pont du Gard, Avignon, Arles, Nimes, Cassis, and Moustiers. Mother, we are all so glad you came!


Me and my mom at Glanum, in front of the best-preserved mausoleum of the roman world. The carvings around the base represent legendary battle and hunting scenes. It dates to between 30 and 20BC. Mother really liked the roman ruins we saw.







This picture was taken at the roman arena in Arles. I think Arles was mother's favorite.







Bullfights are still held here, in the same place as the roman games in the 1st century. Inside the arena somebody named Cathy wrote "Stop the killing of the Bulls". I tend to agree.








More of the arena at Arles.








Bonnie took this picture of a village house across from the arena.







The aluminum seating inside the arena doesn't add much to the ancient feel of the place, but it makes for a nice place to sit and ponder things roman.







We had lunch at this café in Arles. Good, as always!







Bonnie is really sneaky. She fell behind and took this picture of us walking back toward the car.












In Avignon, we took the "tourist train" around town. The first place it goes is through a beautiful garden above the Palais des Papes where we enjoyed this view of the Pont St. Benezet, bridge of the song "Sur le pont d'Avignon" fame. We also toured the Palace of the Popes.







How could we resist taking my mom on picnics with us? This was taken at Cassis. It was still pretty cool out and the beach was almost empty.







Check out the color of the water along the boat tour of the Calanques! We've never seen it as pretty as it was that day!








A little stab at sign humor. This sign means something like "Danger, we mean it!" Or Bonnie thought maybe it meant "This is the most exciting road EVER!"








Mother in front of the arena at Nîmes. Like the Pont du Gard, the arena here is built without mortar. We also drove to the Maison Carrée in Nîmes, the best-preserved roman temple.






We had a picnic lunch packed, but couldn't resist having moules frites (steamed mussels and french fries) at this café beside the arena.













We saw these Angora goats along the road near the Gorges du Verdon across from Moustiers. Moustiers-Ste.-Marie is famous for it's quality faïence pottery. If you followed the link, does anyone recognize the "balloon" plate?! It's similar to one we bought there and use for a cheese plate.





The summer sun in the sky,
Shining, shining up so high
Makes it warm for outside fun.
To play at the park and run,
To swim and hike and fish,
And to go on a picnic if you wish.






This picnic was at the Lac Ste. Croix. What a beautiful day and what a great time with Nana!








I love this action shot of the little kids throwing rocks into the lake.








Nana treated the kids to these super duper popsicles. Thank you Nana.










The color of the water in this lake is stunning, isn't it Mother?







Bonnie loves Snooks. We all do.














Here is mother holding a "devil rabbit". Nah, it's just Fairy. I bet Mother's cats, Tristan and Zoë, missed being held while she was gone.









We saw this lavender along the road near Sault the other day. Mother wasn't here for the peak of the lavender, so this picture is for her.









Yes we do.