August 21, 2004

We have had a great summer and I hope all of you did too! I know most of you who have kids are back in the swing of the school year by now. Jason, Emily and Erik go back the 2nd of September ... only a couple of weeks from now. The summer has seemed especially short since they didn't get out until the first week of July. We had our big vacation to Normandy in April so we stayed close to home this summer. The kids are working on some summer courses to help them transition into next year a little easier. Yes, we're MEAN parents. I'll catch you up with us a little more on the next update, but for now, I'll share the photos of Friends in Provence!

We started "summer vacation" early with visits from friends. Christine and Kylie came to visit for the first half of June, then we got to see Vann and Susan at the end of June. We've been blessed in friendships and it was wonderful to see everyone and spend time together again.

To be honest with you, I spent a couple of hours sifting through the photos we took, plus the ones Vann and Susan and Christine sent to me. I ended up narrowing it down to, oh ... FIFTY or so! There are some wonderful photos and I wish you could see them all.

Anyway, bleary-eyed and edit-challenged, I asked Jonathan to have his way with my final choices and make them a workable web page. Et voilà, here is the final cut.

I hope you enjoy these and we'll be back soon!



Christine and daughter, Kylie at Les Baux



Christine and "Mistral"! She got to experience the mistral wind while she was here ... at the château high above Fontaine de Vaucluse!



Christine at the fountain on the square in Arles. St. Trophime church in the background.



Christine and sailboats at Carry le Rouet, one of our favorite Med destinations.




Kylie at Carry



Ok. Christine is mean. She yelled at me. A lot. "To the left, Bonnie ... NO, LEFT LEFT LEFT.... now hold the oar UP! UP! ... TO THE LEFT! ... ok back a little ... now hold it right there ... CAREFUL I'M GETTING WET!!... "



Kyaking under the Pont du Gard with Mean Christine




Kylie chillin' with her sunglasses on.




Vann and Susan after lunch in Ventabren



A couple of barefoot babes after wading in the Mediterranean




Most of you who have been here know about the "nuddie rock" (nude sunbathers), just before turning into the first calanque at Cassis. Susan and I were horrified that Vann would use binoculars to get a closer look ... weren't we Susan ...












One never knows where those bunny ears will show up. This time they were in Arles.



We were surprised to find these sunflowers in early bloom! Provence is all about sunflowers and lavender in the summer. Vann and Susan got to see both ... good timing! I really like this photo of Susan.



Les amoureux at the Pont du Gard



À votre santé nos amis!



We miss you guys!!!