I'm just now catching up the Halloween page. It's good I don't have a salary dependent on this!

Anyway, here are a few pics of goblins you sent us:


Ethan the Lil Dragon! Isn't he cute?





Craig (Christine's son)! Makes me want to lock my doors!







Marsha! She looks like Catherine Zeta-Jones in the movie Chicago (Marsha made this and David's costume ... talent!)







David! Now we can understand this, having lived in Memphis and all! What a hoot!








Christopher, Brianna, Mitchell and Miles (Missi and Rocky's kids)! Cute, cute, cute!



Our pumpkin designed and carved by Emily. Jason carved the top out to put the candle in.



My Department 56 house that my sister Karen gave me! It's lighted and animated. I love it!



I'M the slacker that didn't get a photo of the kids while they had on their whole costume. Emily and Erik were some scary things and Jason wore Emily's Santa hat ... I always thought it would be funny to be Santa on Halloween.



Do your kids do this? Mine always sort their candy by styles and brands, then trade what they don't want! As you can see, giving out candy WITHOUT WRAPPERS is practiced here... a no-no in the States. Oh well, Halloween is realitively new here but catching on a little.


Thanks so much to everyone who sent a photo!







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