April 13, 2009

We're back!

I realize it's been 4 years since we updated here but sometimes you just have to live life instead of write about it. Since returning from France, we have moved yet again, this time to be closer to family. It's been a real blessing to be back near parents and children, sisters and grandchildren. I'm always finding new reasons for being happy to be here.

We recently paid the yearly bill for the website host, then yesterday I started wishing I could get some good pictures to my mother since her access is slow ... duh ... so, here we go.

We'll start with the latest news that my mother was waiting to hear. We had a get-together at our house this past Saturday because my son Justin wanted to propose to his girlfriend Veronica. He had some very carefully laid plans. He invited us, Joanna and family and two of Veronica's sisters and their families to be present when Veronica got here.

Justin stayed one step ahead of Veronica all day, working out the details so his plan would come together. He knows that her favorite flower is tulips so he brought several multi-colored bunches of tulips to decorate the house. He coordinated the details of the day with waitresses, managers, friends and family.

He started her out (with her sister as an accomplice) early in the day on a treasure hunt of sorts where she would find clues to the next step at each destination. At the end of the day, Veronica ended up at our house in a new dress, well-fed, nails done and a corsage on her wrist. She looked fantastic.

To back up a little, we bought some candy engagement rings (who knew!) at the party store. We joked about Justin using one of those to pop the question. No, no. He didn't think he wanted to do that. So Veronica arrives, and what does Justin pull out of his pocket but a candy ring.

He dropped to one knee, held up the candy ring and asked Veronica if she would do his dirty laundry and clean his house and cook his meals every day for the rest of her life. We shouted for her to say no. She did -- way to go Veronica!

Then Justin said something really sweet like he loved her and no matter what happened, he always wanted them to be together, he brought out the real deal and asked her to marry him. We all let out a big sigh when she said 'yes' right away. I think I had been more nervous all day than Justin! It was great to be involved. They haven't set a date for the wedding yet.

We all went inside and ate dinner and got a little crazy (arriba!) and enjoyed each others' company. Justin requested italian food since it's Veronica's favorite so we had lasagna and breadsticks and Joanna brought a big salad. For dessert we had cake.

So here are some pictures to help tell the story.




here she comes...





No deal!






for real this time...






she said yes!





the betrothed















Veronica's sisters and family






the real ring





I think he approves ...me too!




Until next time, with love








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