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A broken stool. For the life of me, I couldn't get Jonathan to weld this back together ... some lame excuse like 'we don't have a welding torch'. Sheesh. Ditched it.







A lamp! It works! Beats the $5 lamp on my bedside table ... kept it! Stay tuned to see it at work in my bedroom...






A pan lid that I threw away! We inherited (bought) a lot of chipped enamel and peeling teflon cookware when we moved here as well as a bunch of mis-matched pan lids, etc. Since our cabinet space is so limited, I finally ditched the lids we never use and ditched the worst of the cookware and bought a new set of stainless for 34 euros. Thank you Clochard but this lid fits NOTHING I have! Ditched it inside garbage bag.






A really dirty and ugly book bag. I just bought the boys new backpacks on sale at Carrefour for 5 euros so I really didn't need this. I threw it away again and guess what was in my yard again yesterday? Yep. Will ditch it again.







If you are blinking your eyes, wondering if you see this correctly, wonder no more. Yes, this is a ... condom. Thank goodness it's unused. Looks kind of pretty there among the petite blue flowers, don't you think? Maybe Mr. Clochard heard how many kids we have and thought we could use this <lol>

BTW, condoms in French are called "preservatifs". There have been a lot of funnys about Anglophones using this word inappropriately as in ... my mother makes jam "sans preservatifs" ... without condoms ... hmmm :-) A lot of English words work in French if you add a french accent, but not this one.

Tell me you don't wonder if I kept this or ditched it ...






Snooks was here for this donation. I guess the Clochard knows how much I need to clean. Most of the neighbors mop with a thick towel attached to one of these. Kept it in case the urge strikes.
Now now, don't get all excited ... I DO have a mop and it gets a LOT of use :-)






Is there anyone out there who really needs more hangers? I still have them because they are new (from the cleaners) and I can't bear to throw them away ... one of you clever people needs to come up with a good use for these ... like making a frugal something or other ...








Christine and Kylie were here for this donation. French people must throw away a lot of tubing ... hmmm... just what do they use it all for???







A nice souvenir key holder with a straw hat, cigale (cicada) and some wooden shoes ... throw in a few cantalope seeds, et voilà! I still have it out back because it matches my shutters and tile. I'm so matchy matchy ...








A new mop handle ... doesn't the clochard understand why people throw these cleaning things away?! The kids use it for their "net" when they play ping-pong on the table outside.







A very weird kid's toy. Ditched it so the kids wouldn't have nightmares :-)





Well, we have some kind of sad news to share with you.

The neighborhood association met and decided to put locks on the doors to the dumpsters and give all the residents a key. Obviously, the clochard doesn't live in our neighborhood and doesn't have a key (we thought of giving him one). We haven't received any contributions for quite a while. So it seems our clochard saga has come to an end. It's kind of sad to not have surprises in the yard anymore.

It seemed only fitting that we would finally be able to expose the Clochard's identity to close out the Clochard Cam, so Jonathan went on a clandestine mission to capture an image of him.

Was he successful? Click 'next' to see ...


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